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Reiki sessions (in person)

Your first session:

30 or 60 minutes

Including a 10/15 minute client consultation

All subsequent sessions:

30 or 60 minutes

What happens during each session?
  • You relax and make yourself comfortable on a therapy bed or seated.
  • You can close your eyes, to help you relax.
  • I set the intention to channel the reiki to you, setting up an energetic link.
  • I visualise the reiki moving from my hands into the top of your head and through you.
  • I use my intuition to guide the energy where it is needed most.
  • I also rebalance any imbalances or blockages in the 7 main chakras.
  • Once the energy is flowing, as well as relaxation, you may experience the following:

(It is important to note, the reiki energy is just as effective no matter what you experience.)

… colours … sparkles … light … shapes … static/moving images … words … numbers … temperature changes … tingling …

… sensations … distinctive/unknown noises … music … sense of knowing … an understanding … smells … tastes …

At the end of each session:

  • I separate our energies and ground us both.
  • During the last 5 minutes we can discuss anything you experienced.

After each session:

  • You may feel relaxed, happy, empowered, calm and relief from any pain.
  • Drink lots of water and avoid strenuous activity for the rest of the day.
  • Any changes you experience can be instant or can take a few days.


£25.00 for 30 minutes

£45.00 for 60 minutes

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